Friday, April 11, 2008

Tag to Tag

Yeaaaah... dapet tag dari mbak Ayu, tengkiyu ya mbaaak :)

Dear Friends and co-bloggers lets play-game-tag to tag- “pass it to the front”
Here are the Rules :
* First copy and paste it.
* Do not remove any content.
* Just add One word related to your blogs.
* If you don’t like the concept Pls! say no?
* Our main goal is we are going to circulate our number of friends.
* The more people join the “pass it to the front” the more links we generate.
* Lastly write only one word “short” for your blogs…
* Keep it simple and short,i know some of you have more than one blogs.
* The color is only black, gray, or white plssss avoid using any color okies.

Let me show you :1.-Filipina,2.-Stories,3.-Abroad,4.-Husband,5.Gagiers, 6. Life 7. Everything, 8. Offer, 9. Moments, 10. Journey, 11. Simple 12. ABaLe 13. Eucalyptus 14. Greiche (Gege) 15. Wilda 16. Truly 17. Debbie 18. Febrie 19.Indah 20. Titi 21.Vivi 22.Ira 23.Susan 24. Widi 25.Ary 26.Judith 27.Lidia 28. Shinta 29. Umi Rina 30. Rosy 31. Iboe Nug 32. Pippi - dapurpippi 33. HerBlog 34. Mae

And I want to pass this tag to mbak Andrieanne, mbak Arfi, mbak Desy dan mbak Widya :))


Andrie Anne said...

Otreee dear..thanks ya...

Arfi Binsted said...

thanks, mae. i don't really know how to do this tag?

mae said...

andrie anne, you're welcome mbak...

arfi binsted, it's okay mbak. Sifatnya sukarela kok, just for fun :)

elsye said...

maee iya nih aku juga dapet, tapi ga ngerti tag nya apaan...:)))...aku cuma liat temen2 cuma copas...hahahaha...ya udah ikutan copas..:P

mae said...

elsye : iya mbak aku sbenarnya agak ga ngerti jg, tp disuruh copas ya aku turutin :)

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