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WTSIM... Indonesia : Beef Krengsengan / Beef Sweet Soy Sautee

" Halo, apa kabar ? "

That how we Indonesian say, " Hi, how are you ? "

I'm feeling a little bit unconfident to submit on this event since I'm not an active English speaker. Otherwise, I'm feeling exited for participating on this event, when I heard this month's theme for 'Waiter There Something In My...' was Indonesia. I thought I must tried to wrote something about my country and let people in other countries know more about it.

Do you know Indonesia? I am quite afraid there are many people from other nations don't know about - or even have heard about- this country. But if I'm asking you, do you know Bali ? Yes, I will absolutely hear something nice about it since it is one of most popular place on earth. But have you already known that Bali is a part of Indonesia ? I would be so glad if you already know it.

Talking about Indonesia is talking about many cultures ( our country also called with A Thousand Islands Nation ). And many cultures mean many kind of culinaries. Oh yes, we are rich of its.
Actually, I got confused of what dish I am going to write for this event, because there are a lot lot lot super duper lucious Indonesian foods I love ( you wouldn't imagine how many are they. More than Nasi Goreng or Beef Rendang ! ) But I had choosen one for you. One of popular food in the city I live.

I live at Surabaya. A capital city of East Java Province. One of others big provinces in this country. If you were here, you may find Rawon ( Beef Black Stew ) and Rujak Cingur ( Cooked mix vegetables and raw fruits served with buffalo mouth and black sauce) that were being iconic foods in Surabaya. You may find them every where, from the street vendors to fivestar hotel's restaurants. But I won't write about one of them cause I think it will be difficult for you to find specific ingredients needed -which could only found in Indonesia- to cook them. But Surabaya has one more popular food that I thought I could share it for all people over other nations, so they would able to try this in their own kitchen, no matter where they lived ( sounds quite optimistic, ha ha ). It called Beef Krengsengan or Beef Sweet Soy Sautee ( Beef Cooked with Sweet Soy Sauce ). Sometimes it also use Lamb / Mutton and called Mutton Krengsengan.


Like others recipe has, this recipe also has many versions. Some people add Petis or Shrimp Paste and other don't. But generally, it has similar serving appearance and also similar taste and fragrant for every version. And each version has it own characteristic. The one I had is the simplest one. This recipe belongs to my mother and it has been simplified by me. Hope this won't change the originality of the dish.

Beef Krengsengan / Beef Sweet Soy Sautee

250 grms meat, cut it into small pieces
4 cloves shallots, diced
3 cloves garlics, diced
1 big onion, diced
2 red chillies, diced
1 1/2 tbs ginger root, peeled and minced or grated
about 4 - 6 tablespoon sweet soy sauce
a pinch of pepper *I used black pepper*
fresh grated nutmeg, added as you wish
salt and a bit of sugar as you wish

Directions :
- Saute diced onions, shallots, garlics, chillies, and grated ginger until faded and fragrant. Remove from heat then finely process them with food processor or dry mill. Add a bit of water if needed to make them refined easily.
- Saute them again until water decreased. Add meat, and stir until its color changed then add about a cup of water or more. Cook thorougly until meat got soften/ tender and the stew got thickened.
- Add salt, pepper, grated nutmeg and sweet soy sauce, stir them again until well mixed. You may add a cube of beef seasoning if you wish. Remove from heat and sprinkled with bawang goreng ( crisp fried shallots ).
- Serve with warm rice, cucumber and carrot pickles, and krupuk ( prawn crackers ).

Beef Krengsengan

I hope the dish could represents one of many Indonesian foods. It looks like beef rendang, though, but it has different taste and ingredients. Also much easier than beef rendang that I cannot made it myself untill now.

Thanks to Andrew for choosing my Country as the theme this month. I really apreciate it !

" Terima Kasih ! " ( Thank you ! )

*I feel so sorry if there any incorrect spell, grammar or structure since I have a limited English speaking ability :D*


MiNDY said...

Maeeeeeeee... bakalan dicoba resepnya. Suka ama foto yg terakhir. eh dijadiin ayam krengsengan bisa juga ga?

mae said...

Bisa bangeeeet... silahkan mbak dicoba, ga pedes samsek kok !

galih said...

I don't understand why do you state your apology about your English at the end of your post. I do think that it's very good English. Compared to yours, my english is nothing. :)

* sorry oot :P *

mae said...

but you don't know how many times I should opened my dictionary for every sentences I made...

hualah mas mas, enakan boso jowoan ae yo... kikiki *mules uthekku*

Dita said...

sama...aku juga pengen nyoba :)

sefa firdaus said...

udah dikirim ke emailnya Andrew?

btw, spt komen di MP
fotonya cantik-cantik..
top Mae!

mae said...

@ Dita, selamat mencoba :D

@ Sefa, iya mbak itu yg bingung. Kemaren ga nemu caranya submit, emailnya yg mana sih ? apa yg arb@andys..... itu ? Udah sih klo kirim ksitu... smg nyampe ya :)

Ine Sena said...

maeee... dirimu selalu bikin aku geleng2 kepala...
nice job, honey...!

Zita said...

Wah... *plok-plok-tepuk tangan*... hebat, Mae...salut, fotonya dah diedit pake picassa ya? tambah cantik dan mulai "bernyawa" qiqqiq...

mae said...

@Ine sena, ha ha jgn geleng2 trus mbak entar mabok *garing ah*
makasih ya mbak :)

@Zita, iya tuh pake picasa lebih natural hasilnya. Ha ha ha udah ditiupkan 'nyawa'nya. Makasih mbak masukannya waktu itu. Masih nunggu lebaran buat pinjem PhotoShop adik :)

Pipit, 25 said...

Lam kenal ya Mae
Qta ini seumuran, 'n sama2 little mum, tapi pengalamanmu di dunia dapur bikin aku kagum. Aku permisi nge-link blognya ya

mae said...

Salam kenal ya Pit. Aku jg masih belajar kok, masih suka gagal... makasih ya udah dilink :) Silahkan...

Elsye said...

asikkk bangettss kalo di cuba :D...potona bagus2 Mae..saluttt

Andrew said...

Terima Kasih! To you Mae for entering into the fun of Waiter... a lovely recipe that I can't wait to try.

PS - your English is fine! ;-)

celia kusinera said...

Thanks for sharing the recipe, Mae. :) It's bookmarked now ready to be tried in the next chance I get.

dB said...

mbak mae, telat ya komentarnya hehehe..tapi karena baru niat bikin krengsengan sekarang secara anak udah boleh makan macem-macem (udah masuk 1,5 tahun) jadi saya googling and found your simple recipe but the result (wah kayak ujian hahaha) SOOO YUMMY! :D
makasi ya mbak, sayang tadi gak sempet foto-foto dikarenakan "sempitnya" waktu di pagi hari karena saya harus kerja ...
thanks...oiah, saya juga nyontek resep chocolate cookiesnya yaa..besok rencana mau bikin mumpung liburan. thanks again!

mae said...

@ db, makasih ya dah mampir dan nyobain resep saya... Alhamdulillah saya ikut senang tiap kali mendengar ada yang cocok dengan resep yang saya tulis. Semoga selalu membawa manfaat ya.... selamat bereksperimen ya mbak... :)

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